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How to have & keep a perfect lawn

  •   Remove thatch (matted dead grass) from all your lawn areas
  •   Have your lawn core aerated
  •   Fertilize your lawn areas in late April to early May, using a mixture high in nitrogen (perhaps a weed ‘n’ feed formula)
  •   Never mow your grass shorter than 2 inches.

  •   You might consider a second application of a weed & feed-type fertilizer in mid-Summer
  •   If you want a green lawn all Summer, you’ll want to keep it well-watered during hot, dry weather. Water in the early morning, because watering in the evening or overnight, or letting water lie overnight gives fungus and mold a perfect breeding ground.


Having trouble telling how much water your lawn or planting beds are actually getting when you water?

Place a typical, empty tuna can on the ground in the area you’re watering… then water as usual, until the can is full.

This way you can easily tell when your lawn and plants have had the proper amount of water. The amount will usually be an inch or so, depending on the season, the type of plants and whether or not they are newly planted.

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